About Us

About Us

CloudZentral from Zentral Solutions is a toolbox with a wide range of functions that all assist our clients with safe, user-friendly and effective digital communication. These functions have been developed on the basis of 15 years of best practice experience in the Scandinavian market. 

In 2016, we launched the first version of the CloudZentral platform - collecting best practice suggestions from more than 100 individual projects gathered from user experience. 

Today, we have a number of customers on the platform, where many have been with us for many years – gaining from the development from our previous solutions to the current platform.


We started out as a general hosting company, doing individual programming tasks for homepages and online service systems. At that time, number of our customers had their homepages developed in Joomla.

Users found Joomla difficult to use in their daily routines, so we started to use WordPress.

Many of our customers needed more functionality and specific solutions built into their WordPress solution as too many systems require professional knowledge and training.

We had by 2010 done more than 50 add-ons for WordPress handling data as specific solutions.

More and more of our customers seemed to be in need of something better than what WordPress could offer. Handling more and more data, WordPress is both confusing and difficult to work with. As a response, we launched the WebKit Pilot Project with 5 of our customers in greatest need. 

Webkit became Cloudzentral. All former WordPress customers were converted to CloudZentral and many new clients has converted to the platform.

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